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easy and tasty lasagna

this recipe is from my uncle who works at TJs.

1 pkg italian meatballs (from the refrigerated meat section), sliced
2 big cans spaghetti sauce, one of each of the 2 TJ's types they have in the big tin cans
1 package tofutti cream cheese (or ricotta)
1 pkg fresh lasagna noodles (apparently they are seasonal though, so dry lasagne noodles can be substituted)
1 package large ovolini (fresh mozzarella), sliced
grated parmesean.

in a large glass baking dish (like a pyrex 13x9) layer the ingredients, starting with sauce & meatballs and ending with the ovolini. put a layer of the sauce between each of the other layers.

bake for about 40 minutes until hot in the middle. i don't remember the exact temperature, but i think it was 375 or so- sorry. sprinkle with parmesean and let it cool for 10 minutes and serve.

i miss trader joes so much. i wish there was one closer than 2 hours away.
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