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So much to do with a chicken

So, get yourself a chicken, either Aaron's Kosher (salty, but good) or a TJ's Free Range and a bag of fresh garlic.

Wash the chicken, rub some 21 Spice Salute into it, peel garlic and place all around the chicken (Yes, you can use ALL the garlic. The recipe is technically called 40 Cloves and a Chicken. I've used two bags, four heads of garlic, for really large chickens. The whole cloves don't taste as strongly as minced garlic, and they're amazingly delicious rubbed on some French bread instead of butter.) Roast at 450 for about 75 minutes, or put in a Crock Pot with a little water for 6-10 hours.

Serve with Mashed Potatoes and a salad made from whatever yummy ingredients you like.

Pick the rest of the chicken off the bones and refrigerate.

On Night TWO, cook the chicken with Tikka Masala Sauce (I strain it, because my husband and daughter don't like chunks of onion, but they love the flavor. More onion for me and my mom). Serve over Basmati rice, with Garlic Naan.

OR cook with orange juice and chili powder. Bake tortillas on which you have liberally sprinkled Mexican Cheese Blend. Wrap chicken in these, add Sour Cream, Salsa, and Guacamole (we usually just mix in a little salsa and a squeeze of lime to one of the avocados from the bags of four TJ's sells)

OR cook in plain water and serve with Tzatziki Sauce on pita. Add shredded carrots and slices of cucumber.

It's amazing that every week I have 3 exotic options for leftover chicken that my picky family eats with gusto!

You can also use Just Chicken and skip straight to Night TWO.
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