the girl in glasses with her nose in a book (bilum) wrote in tjs_cooking,
the girl in glasses with her nose in a book

does TJ's sell any kind of peanut sauce for noodles?

I feel sure they must, but I couldn't find one there yesterday when I went shopping. The thing with TJs is that they sometimes just don't have something in the place I expect it to be, so I go for months thinking they simply don't have something, only to discover that I was wrong. I ended up getting one from Safeway, but it wasn't as good as I hoped. Here's the meal:

* chopped broccoli
* cubed tofu
* TJ's organic udon noodles
* peanut sauce
* sriracha chile sauce

Boil cubed tofu for about 10 minutes with some soy sauce in the water (gives it a little flavor and helps it hold its shape in the stir fry). Saute the tofu for a little while in a wok with a little oil, just enough to make the tofu a little crispier, then add the broccoli. Meanwhile, cook up the udon. When the udon's ready, add it to the wok and pour the peanut sauce over it, then stir until everything is thoroughly coated and mixed. Serve with lots of sriracha chile sauce (if you like spice; otherwise it's fine the way it is).

It turned out pretty good, it's just that I have this gnawing suspicion it would have been better if I had gotten the peanut sauce from TJs. Based on the fact that most sauces from TJs are better and healthier than the ones I buy elsewhere (and are often better than the sauces I make myself).
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